Tractor beams are extremely heavy and energy demanding. Because of this, giving an existing ship design a tractor beam capability often require a complete re-design of the ship.

The federations answer is the F-PS-U5 Hauler, a remotely controlled drone that can be installed in any small confined spaces of a corvette. It’s cheap, easy to manufacture and can be re-designed for many other duties than hauling scrap metal.

The Universe of HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira is very old. Galactic civilizations have come and gone leaving huge megaliths of unknown purpose drifting empty through the void. Space is filled with distant signals, communications and digital experiments, eons old.
Tales of digital machines going rogue, becoming sentient of acting as spies corrupted by such signals are very much a reality for spacefarers. Because of this the Federal navy designs all drones to be fully analogue and with very limited range to limit the possibility of ancient, or foreign signals corrupting them.

Playing HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira, drones are controlled from a separate interface inside of the spaceship. Drones can operate inside big space hulks where a corvette wouldn’t fit, they can also haul components and resources back to the ship. A player doing an EVA can also grab onto a drone and be flown with it fast into spaces they wouldn’t be able to go due to the limited amount of oxygen and speed the player-suit has.

During drone haling missions it’s wise to have one player staying in the co-pilot seat keeping an eye on the radar in case enemy ships approaches as the corvette most likely will be sitting still with all engines turned off to charge up the capacitors, leaving the ship vulnerable.

Coming up in a while is a video showing drone controls and hauling cargo from derelicts into the player ship.
Stay tuned!

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