The Federation had long been looking for a highly modifiable large corvette design that could easily be modified for a very large range of duties.
Out of the Cosh-Shipyards somes the Federal M18 Rhino, a tough workhorse with a catamaran design which makes it very easy to make substantial modifications to the middle part of the ship without affecting it’s
vitual systems, such as propulsion, sensor equipment, docking capabilities or lifesupport.

Numerous variants have been developed for all kinds of missions ranging from minelaying, salvage operations, heavy transport to carrying heavy torpedoes and mounting siege cannons.
It’s engine setup is primarily optimized for reliability and power rather than speed and agility. However one capability the Cosh shipyards managed to implement is interstellar travel, something quite unique for a craft this small without heavy modifications.
This enables packs of Rhino’s to operate independently from a larger group of Carriers and Frigates for weeks at a time between resupplies.

Packs of Rhinos will be a common sight for Players and since they are comparable to the M31 Duster in size and armaments players will have to evaluate every situation carefully before deciding if they should engage or stay away from their radars.

Next update we will have a look at the engineer and her role in HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira!

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