To dominate entire sectors the Federation needs a larger and versatile workhorse that can lead large squadrons of fighters and still pack a punch if needed.
Hundreds of thousands of Predator-Class Federal frigates are patrolling the galaxy and many more are on their way. Packed with extremely powerful interstellar engines makes it perfect for interdiction and rapid response missions.
Loaded with enough hardware, supplies and armor to sustain itself for years without re-supply predators usually work alone, commanding large groups of fighters and corvettes.

Due to their size and versatility, numerous variants have been designed, everything from EMP, Torpedo and ANTI-gravity capabilities are very common and will be a devastating sight for players who doesn’t pay attention to the unique capability of theese variants.

If players are careless and expose themselves too much, a predator backed up with a pack of fireflies and rhinos will most likely make an appearance. Due to its massive hull plating, not much will hurt them in terms of firepower from the players weaponry. Needless to say, the current known strategy for any Atiran is to run as soon as their sensors pick up the signature of a Predator.

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