I’m extremely excited to announce the release plan for the Pre-Alphas of HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira to you all!


If all goes according to plan, the first release named Alpha 1 will be released early January! Stay tuned for a precise date!


The idea is to gradually roll out pre-alpha releases of HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira for you all to test! The game will be rolled out in stages. Each second release will include an update with new features, the following one will include improvements of the previous release.

The first Alpha release, named Alpha 1, will be released early in January and will be a heavily stripped version of the game. It will include the Player ship and an asteroid field. Players will be able to fly around in the asteroid field,salvage cargo, install new components, use the radar and deploy drones. There will be no story, no landable asteroids, no enemy AI, no trading, no global events. These features rolled out in following Alpha’s.

Alpha 1 will be followed by Alpha 2 which will include a series of bug fixes and improvements to Alpha 1 and so on. How tight the release schedule will be will vary and we’ll see how often releases can be shipped.


The Developer version of HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira is quite large and packs lots of features that are either not tuned design wise nor properly tested by groups of people. To start tuning and fixing bugs and put effort where it’s needed I have decided to start rolling it all out gradually. This will create a focus on one part of the game at a time and with an actual release in mind it will be much easier to prioritize properly and guarantee that the project is constantly moving forward.

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