Wow, the last 6 days have been incredible. The amount of attention the project has gotten has been overwhelming! It all started with a thread on Reddit and then moved on to an article on Kotaku and then further on to Rock Paper Shotgun, which wrote a hilarious article. The Discord channel has grown from 40 people to over 1200 members and the response has been absolutely fantastic. Everyone has been so helpful to each other and so many people have been playing the Alpha and given their feedback. Couldn’t ask for more!

I’ve decided to write down a few words to explain what my plan is now and you can expect the coming months. The current Alpha is a stripped down version of the game that I’m working on. The plan is to feature by feature polish what I have and bring back in all the features currently left out into the public Alpha.

I will keep deploying updates using a “Tick-Tock” strategy. Every other update will be adding big content updates (the Ticks), and after that, a smaller one with just bug-fixes will be released (the Tocks). Following this strategy the next update will consist of bug-fixes and tweaks. Using this strategy, the next “Tock” will feature the following updates (plus more):

  • Player death (Currently confusing for players what to do and dying when playing single player requires restart)
  • Ship throttle is difficult and behaves strangely
  • Getting “sucked” into the ship while doing an EVA
  • Exit button when in-game
  • Deploying and controlling drones (Currently broken and confusing to do)
  • Ladders (difficult to climb!)
  • Visual glitches in the ship interior as well as looking into the ship from the outside
  • Add tutorial button to welcome screen (link to Youtube video)

The upcoming “Tick” and this update will be focused on getting back enemy ship AI into the game!

I’ve been approached by community members who’d like to contribute paying for the Alpha, make donations to my food budget (hehehe), or asked for me to start a Patreon.
As I’m not in need of any monetary support at this point I’ve decided to start a charity for all of you who’d like to give back! More info on how that will happen will come as I figure out the options :).

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please join our Discord channel and send me a shout. Thank you so much for your immense support. Less than a week ago, this project was just a small thing in one corner of the world, and now it has reachedthousands and thousands of science fiction enthusiasts just like myself. I love you all, and it’s been so great to hear from you. I can’t wait to build and share the vision I have for HyperSpace : Pirate Of Atira!

// Filip Coulianos

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