In the midst of wedding planning, home renovations and outside of regular office hours development of Alpha 1.1 has slowly matured and crystallized. The build is very close to a point where it’s ready for some final testing and then getting released. Mark your calendars, if everything goes as planned we’ll have Alpha 1.1 published Saturday the 7th of March!

What’s changed?

This update is mainly filled with fixes from issues you, the players, brought up and found during the Alpha One release. In addition to a myriad of smaller tweaks and fixes here’s a list of the bigger things that’s been looked over:

  • Player death (Players simply get a respawn timer and doesn’t have to be revived in medbay, players also Re-spawn (YES! :D) through the options menu)
  • Improved Ship and Drone controls (Entire system for flying the ship has been re-written making ship much snappier even with high ping, smaller bandwidth footprint. Throttle can now be set using number keys 1-3 and scroll wheel as well)
  • Getting “sucked” into the ship while performing EVA (dramatically reduced, if not completely fixed)
  • Exit button (added, works like a charm)
  • Deploying and controlling drones (Drones don’t require a drone in cargo bay anymore, instead the drone bay re-builds lost drones. If you loose a drone a timer will appear that indicates build time to get a new one operational)
  • Drones indicate when going too far from players ship
  • Airlock doors are now properly networked. (Controlled server side to prevent clients sending misinformation)
  • Not being able to install boosters or side boosters Fixed!
  • Ladders (Ladders should be much more easy to use)
  • Visual glitches in the ship interior as well as looking into the ship from the outside (Looks so pretty :D)
  • Add tutorial button to welcome screen (The button is for now just a like to a YouTube video going through Alpha One)
  • Crash when alt+tabbing out of full screen fixed (Some computers had this issue)
  • Added Trader! (Put back in a trader sitting in a derelict you can trade with. This requires ship to ship docking!)
  • Movement issues with joystick plugged in (The joystick would override movement and cause the player to run in random directions, solution for now is to disable joystick support)
  • Improved wording in main menu (Changed the wording of create servern and connect to help new players understand what they mean)
  • Added ship power information on HUD (this indicator will make all players aware of the ships current power status)
  • Boosting while in drift fixed (Corewins favorite bug is now but a memory).
  • Interaction system re-written (Duping objects, two players running the engineer panel etc. is no longer a thing).
  • Power surge message spamming when having broken fuseboxes and capacitors running out of power is fixed
  • Turret offline message spamming Rare occasions got turret offline messages to flicker is fixed
  • Invert mouse-look added (find it on the options menu!)

What’s coming after Alpha 1.1?

Alpha Two is the name of the upcoming version. This update will be all about bringing in enemy ship AI and space combat. Stay tuned for more updates about Alpha 2 as soon as Alpha 1.1 has hit he Discord channel!

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