Smoking hot, straight out of the oven comes HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira Alpha 1.1. Packed with a long list of very important bug-fixes and tons of changes under the hood this update might not be a huge deal just looking up front, but beneath the surface, very large code improvements has been made to make the game more stable and more polished. Below is a video going through all the major changes.

DOWNLOAD by Joining the Discord channel!

Detailed list of fixes:

  • Player death (Players simply get a respawn timer and doesn’t have to be revived in medbay, players also Re-spawn (YES! :D) through the options menu)
  • Improved Ship and Drone controls (Entire system for flying the ship has been re-written making ship much snappier even with high ping, smaller bandwidth footprint. Throttle can now be set using number keys 1-3 and scroll wheel as well)
  • Getting “sucked” into the ship while performing EVA (dramatically reduced, if not completely fixed)
  • Exit button (added, works like a charm)
  • Deploying and controlling drones (Drones don’t require a drone in cargo bay anymore, instead the drone bay re-builds lost drones. If you loose a drone a timer will appear that indicates build time to get a new one operational)
  • Drones indicate when going too far from players ship
  • Airlock doors are now properly networked. (Controlled server side to prevent clients sending misinformation)
  • Not being able to install boosters or side boosters Fixed!
  • Ladders (Ladders should be much more easy to use)
  • Visual glitches in the ship interior as well as looking into the ship from the outside (Looks so pretty :D)
  • Add tutorial button to welcome screen (The button is for now just a like to a YouTube video going through Alpha One)
  • Crash when alt+tabbing out of full screen fixed (Some computers had this issue)
  • Added Trader! (Put back in a trader sitting in a derelict you can trade with. This requires ship to ship docking!)
  • Movement issues with joystick plugged in (The joystick would override movement and cause the player to run in random directions, solution for now is to disable joystick support)
  • Improved wording in main menu (Changed the wording of create servern and connect to help new players understand what they mean)
  • Added ship power information on HUD (this indicator will make all players aware of the ships current power status)
  • Boosting while in drift fixed (Corewins favorite bug is now but a memory).
  • Interaction system re-written (Duping objects, two players running the engineer panel etc. is no longer a thing).
  • Power surge message spamming when having broken fuseboxes and capacitors running out of power is fixed
  • Turret offline message spamming Rare occasions got turret offline messages to flicker is fixed
  • Invert mouse-look added (find it on the options menu!)

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