Alpha 1.1 was just recently released and it was great to see the support and enthusiasm, as well as new members joining the Discord channel. It’s incredible to see the size of the community, as well as the love and activity going on in the channels. Now let’s look at the future!
1.1 was a smaller release with only bug-fixes and improvements as well as a small addition of the trader. Alpha 2.0 will be a major update focused on AI and Ship combat.

Alpha 2.0

To make AI and ship combat feel good and work well there’s a number of new features and improvements required below is a list of things that need to be added:

  • Improved damage system,
    Currently only some Damage points such as the Radiator and Fuse box work properly, Fuel Lines will be improved to have an actual impact on the ships performance as well as being dangerous to repair.
  • Improved Player ship repairing,
    In addition to specific damage points that need to be repaired, the ship has a total ship health that gets damaged and needs repair. This is currently somewhat confusing and needs clarity.
  • Player and ship Radiation system,
    Ship and components can be damaged from radiation, players as well. If exposed to radiation long enough, players will catch radiation sickness which slowly pulls down player health down to 1 and stays there. The cure is taking a Med-kit. Ships also take damage from radiation. This affects all components and armor, slowly degrading it over time.
  • New damage points,
    There will be one new damage point added in Alpha 2.0; Radiation leaks. These will contentiously spread radiation that damages components and players health more and more if not dealt with quickly.
  • Four AI enemy ship types,
    The largest addition will be AI ships. There will be a Fighter, Corvette, Rammer-Corvette as well as a Frigate. The AI’s will be able to fly in formations, patrol as well as engage with the player. All of the ships will have distinct behaviors, movement and simulate sensors making it possible for players to escape detection.
  • AI Director,
    There will be an AI constantly running in the background, monitoring players progression and state of their ship that will trigger events and spawn AI ship-waves and patrols into the play area. Creating such logic is easy, but perfecting it will require lots of time. In Alpha 2.0 we will see the first version of the Director AI responsible for keeping players on their toes.

When can we get it?

Alpha 2.0 will be released in a similar fashion as Alpha 1.0 and 1.1, however at this point it’s hard to estimate how long it will take to get all the features to a enjoyable state. Expect the development time of this update to take longer than the timespan between 1.0 and 1.1. During that time there will be updates showcasing specific features of this update, so stay tuned!

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