Phew! One big milestone closer to Alpha 2.0 is upon us! It’s time to unveil the final ship included in Alpha 2.0! The N10 Phalanx, or more specifically F-CS-N10 Phalanx. Judging by the designation, this is a strictly stellar vessel specifically purposed to protect the borders of the Federation. The ship is designed to lay mines, but can use it’s rather large cargo space to also function as tankers for corvettes and smaller ships. For defence it’s also equipped with a small dorsal turret mount. If you look closely you’ll see a striking resemblance of the Rhino, that is because the Phalanx is to a large extent a modification built around the Rhino’s design to save cost and material.

The Phalanx is a rather common sight in areas where the Federation just has staged their first attacks as they can deploy vast intelligent minefields. Therese minefields help protect the new territory while larger capital ships arrive and setup more permanent structures.

When designing the Phalanx, the Cosh engineers faced the challenge of how this ship would be able to defend itself in very unstable areas of the universe. To mitigate this threat the Phalanx is armed with a single dorsal turret for defense, as well as a very powerful energy shield that it’s capacitors can sustain for half a minute at a time. When attacked, the Phalanx can also quickly re-program the mines into attack mode and use them as rather powerful projectiles.

As it’s final trick in the sleeve the engineers added a highly advanced Micro-Drive that allows the Phalanx to make micro jumps into Hyperspace with a range of a couple hundred meters. This allows the ship to seemingly pop in and out of existence to locations with millimetre accuracy, which can be used for both offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Stay tuned for seeing this and all other ships in action in an upcoming video displaying all the Federal ships featured in Alpha 2.0!

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