HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira is a first person coop multiplayer game where the players take the roles as crew of a space ship. Players are able to freely move around in the ships interior interacting with different components of the ship, mainting them, optimizing them and repairing them. To keep the ship running, players will have to trade, explore derelict space stations, ships and asteroids to find equipment and components.

HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira has is one part a simulator and one part a tight first person shooter with resemblence to games like Half-Life 2.
Ship power , oxygen, damage of components are all simulated in realtime creating the foundation for a deep and rich experience. At the same time players can easily walk up to the cockpit grab the controls of the ship and learn to fly in no-time.

Space ships are complicated machines that require several players taking on three different roles, cooperating to operate successfully.


Piloting a large vessel in space is dangerous and requires good coordination and excellent communication with the other crew members. Overusing the boosters or side-thrusters without proper communication with the engineer can cause a major power surge leaving the ship drifting through space.


The engineer is the player that has full control over everything happening within the ship. Using a top down perspective she can control power flows, install components and identify fires and failing compoents and redirect other players to fix them.


The Co-pilot is managing everything happening outside the ship. She will keep track on signals and manage sensors to get a clear picture of enemy ships, minerals, and other points of interest and relay that information to the pilot.

Exploring on foot

At times players will need to dock with other ships, stations or derelicts. During theese parts players will seamlessly be able to walk from the ship to theese areas. Equipped with weapons and tools both solving puzzles and fighting off AI they will find supplies, components, money and progress the story.

Game modes

There will be a story mode, where players take the roles of pirates in a non-linear campaign with high replayability value.

There will also be a free-roam mode where players can pick their own adventures and try to stay alive as long as possible while being hunted down by the Federation.


In the campaign of Pirates of Atira the players take the roles as pirates who end up stealing a far more valuable cargo than they bargained for, triggering a region-wide manhunt. The story will be conveyed using story-strips, similar to the original Max Payne games and will challenge the crew to vote on difficult choices and branching opportunities. The campaign is setup in a non-linear fashion where challenges and ecounters can be solved in several ways.