• Where can I download the Alpha versions?
    Join the Discord Channel to get a download link!

  • Can I stream, or in any other way share your game?
    Yes! Please do!

  • Will this game be released on consoles?
    No, there are no plans for console releases.

  • Will this game support VR?
    There are no plans to support VR.

  • Do I need to sign an NDA to try it out?

  • Can I share the game with my friends even though they’re not on Discord?
    Yes, please do!

  • Is there a Patreon or Kickstarter for this game?
    No, if you want to contribute please join the Discord Channel and spread the word!

  • How do I connect to my friends on the Alpha?
    You connect using Ip-adress. Over the internet this can be a bit tricky. The easiest way is to use a VPN service like Hamachi and connect to each other using that. Check this video out:

  • I’d like to donate do you have a Patreon or a way to purchase the game?
    No, at the moment there’s no way of finacially supporting this project. I’m working on setting up a charity you will be able to donate to once it’s available.

  • I have game developer / technical skills and would like to contribute, can I do that?
    No, for both legal and practical reasons I’m not looking for any help with the project at this point.

  • I’m not a fan of torrent, can you setup a direct download link?
    I will come up with something different for future versions of the game, but for now torrent will be the only option. You are, however, free to share the Alpha in any way you like!